Issue 2: Barriers to Australian children developing a healthy active lifestyle through Sport and physical education

CAS is concerned that too many Australian children are being denied the opportunity to develop a healthy active lifestyle.
This is occurring for a range of reasons:

  • because their school does not provide a sport and physical education program
  • because their family cannot afford to pay for their participation in a community sport club

The essential place of sport and active recreation is in the National Education Curriculum.

  • CAS believes that the school system and school age years are the optimal time for all Australians to establish a lifelong habit and commitment to regular physical activity and sport
  • CAS would like to see a greater commitment by Departments of Education to delivering and achieving what is proposed within the PDHPE curriculum of the proposed National Education Curriculum
  • There are highly significant personal and societal benefits of effective physical education and sport programs conducted through schools
  • There are significant negative impacts and lost opportunities of not working towards this goal

CAS believes that no child should miss out on receiving a PE and sport education.

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